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San Antonio TX USA highlighted in upcoming eclipses-thoughts on the shape formed?

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Hello friends!

I am a dedicated student of Astrology and I have been encouraged to contribute more to the discussions on the forums. So here I am 🙂 I wanted to share something interesting with you.

I have noticed a pattern in the upcoming eclipses (2023 & 2024) that highlights San Antonio Texas USA. I've attached an image showing the trajectories of the next two eclipses. You can double check the trajectory of the eclipses here:

I tried casting charts for these eclipses and particularly the April 8th eclipse heavily emphasizes the 9th and 8th houses.

October 14, 2023

Transiting and natal mars both aspecting Saturn, which will by then be making a Saturn return.

Natal Ketu aspecting transiting Rahu

Transiting Venus aspecting Natal Ketu, Jupiter and both natal and transiting Neptune

eclipse in 3rd house

April 8, 2024

Venus Neptune conjunction in the 8th house a few days before

Retrograde mercury nearby

Rahu crossing over natal Jupiter during eclipse (or with 1-2 navamsas)

Saturn and Mars conjunct in 8th house within 1-2 Navamsas of 8th Bhava

eclipse in 9th house


The emphasis on third house (skills, communication, short distance travel, charisma, etc.) first then ninth house next is an intriguing pattern (parents, philosophical allegiance, gurus, marriage, beliefs, ideology, etc.).


So here's my question:

I'm wondering if anyone knows what the Vedic Scriptures say about eclipses consecutively forming such a pattern?

We've seen an unusual spike in tension in that specific part of the world already, and some talk of a Texit. Does X mark the spot and if so what for?




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Basically the two eclipse trajectories cross in San Antonio making an X-shape.