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Prashna for space renting

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I found a space for starting my astrology business little by little; focusing on the CoT while learning more... About Prashna for example...

I cast a chart for the moment I found the space. Wonder if someone with more experience would be willing to have a look at it.

- It has some good things; the Lagna lord is MT in the second house conjunct Jupiter and friendly aspected by Mercury, for example.

- I read in the prashna manual that a cruura planet applying to the 2nd Lord (aspecting) is a reason to predict death. (Third paragraph in the 6th section.) How should I understand that? Physical death? Death to the project?

What do I expect to gain from renting the space? Breaking the ice as an astrologer, not losing and hopefully gain a little money; experience and reputation.

The time is October 31, 10:33 AM (But Kala missed the clock change so I had to choose 11:33 AM; Lagna should be 7:42 Capricorn), San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.)

Thank you!


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Hi Mattias,

In order to properly do the Prashna the way Ernst teaches it, you would also need to know the degree at which each cups is, too, because you'd need to see any 1/4 connections (whether through planets or cusps).

Hope that helps!