Sexual abuse/spine
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Sexual abuse/spine

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Hi Ernst and everyone, I want to share an observation and am eager to here whether you have any experiences from this.

I´m assisting an altar where we do healing work with the grandfather tobacco. Maya tradition. Last time a woman told me something that she had observed: that when people who had suffered from sexual abused got ill with the tobacco (getting ill is part of the healing process) they tend to bend over (still sitting on a chair) and become more or less locked in that position. They just can´t sit upright for a long while, and often they walk like crooked old men/women too, until the effect of the medicine has diminished. The healer in charge of the altar confirmed that indeed is a common effect of sexual abuse, and a clear symtom.

So my question is obvious: What´s your thoughts about the relation between (sexual) abuse (especially in the childhood I guess) and back/spinal problems? And how does that relate to astrology? The skeleton is indicated by the Sun of course. We bend the back in the Libra area. Saturn rules the tendons, but I guess that mechanically it´s more the Mars ruled muscles that cease to work properly?

I guess one can say that what happens in a sexual abuse - except for all the chaos it creates in our different bodies - is that we loose are backbone, with all it´s connotations.


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Any traumatic experience disrupts the energy flow in the body and sexual abuse does this more than just about anything. And the energy flow in the body is all about the spine. So it makes sense.