Perfecting Ketu
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Perfecting Ketu

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Hi Ernst,

Thank you for your latest video on Rahu. Could you explain how it relates to perfecting Ketu? If we move towards Rahu, how does 'perfecting Ketu' come into play?

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I think the Ketu house does somewhat work even with the conditioning and programming (unlike Rahu house, which refuses to co-operate as long as we operate with our conditioning).. but eventually even Ketu needs to be free of its conditioning and become liberated. Maybe that is perfecting Ketu...

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Since Ketu is liberation and moksha, the perfection of Ketu would be the complete release from all conditioned states of existence.  The Ketu castle that was serving as security paradigm in order to provide ground for planting the flag of personality, ego and experience dissolves along with the notion of separateness and duality allowing for the nature of reality itself to be related to directly.  

Up to this point there will be liberations from one more restrictive conditioned existence to a lesser yet still restrictive conditioned existence.  Such as you go from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house.  You are liberated from the confines of the one bedroom but you are still confined to a roof and walls.  

Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, the ketu house works well with the programming, until it does not, there is time in life that all ways of being that are based on programs and wound responses, just won't work. That's rahu maturation. As one healthily explores and develops rahu, ketu responds and gets better too.