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Progress studying Ernst's Courses--Reflection and Survey

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What I've enjoyed the most with Ernsts work is the astronomy and the astrological history that he occasionally dives into in his courses. I feel he really shines bringing the mathematical science of astrology and combining it with the general astronomy. It is unique that someone can dissect these abstruse books from India, and make sense of them enough to teach them to everyday astrology students. 

I first came across Ernst in 2016 from Ryan's channel as I was really gung ho on all the content Ryan was producing back then but I thought Ernst was too crazy with the tropical zodiac and he seemed too intellectually heady. As I dug in more and learned more why both were using the tropical I gave it a possibility. I found over time that Ernst has an immense knowledge base of astrology and astronomy that is quite rare to easily find. In 2020 after my Ma matured as my AK in 8th, I decided to commit more seriously and purchased Kala and started Ernsts courses formally after astrology was just a 'hobby' since 2015. 

I don't think I can go back from using the tropical zodiac after being exposed to what Ernst teaches. And Ryan too. I have been playing with certain concrete techniques and have been finding that tropical works better. Sidereal works too, I just find tropical to be more accurate though not 100%. I continue to use nakshatras sidereally as well as I find that to work. 

I try to always come back to the basics: Grahas, Rasis and Bhavas. Some courses I kind of throw away after learning it as I just don't resonate with the method at the time and others I grab more. Just exploring what I resonate with. Favorite courses are the Parashara's Yoga judgement course, the basic courses, Some of the Jaimini audio stuff, some of the Rahu/Ketu courses and everything he has on astrological history and astronomy. Avastha courses were very unique for sure. 

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Its good that thread just came right on time ! Its been abt 9-10 years since I started learning from Ernst's classes ! I started I guess when he was having Rahu maturation and I am currently running my own Rahu maturation and  I feel like I kind of understood what I wanted to know about me and people near to me in a very holistic and deeper way! master LA course is kind of icing on the cake ! I have taken almost all courses. All the courses has its own value. Some I did repeat more frequently are LA and Shadbala.



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I discovered Ernst during the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit (2018-2019) which happened in my 4th house. That really was the transit of dreams because I discovered astrology shortly after getting really in to MBTI. I started out with Lada, and subsequently discovered sidereal nakshatras with kapiel, Dr. Pai team, and vic dicara before becoming really interested in Hellenistic astrology with Chris Brennan. Next, I found Ryan and finally Ernst and all his students (Carmina, Laura, Corey, Mirela, Nicole, Ganesh etc.) and then somewhere in between all of that I found out about Human Design and the Gene Keys as well, haha. I've got a bad Sun but a good Moon, so I don't really discriminate when it comes to systems and techniques, it was more of a revolving door with me, but I would say the cards of truth and Ernst' teachings won my heart— there's no where else my 8 of Spades Saturn card would rather be, so that's where I expend all of my energy and efforts now. 

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I have been studying for two years but not nearly as consistently as I would have liked to due to time constraints. I had no background in astrology and chose Ernst after reviewing dozens of vedic astrology teachers out there. I picked him because his approach is the most scientific. I have a scientific approach and can't move on in an astrology until I have established its validity. That's why I am delving into the predictive Jaimini and especially transits. I started with longevity techniques because death is such a simple matter - you are either dead or not. I have found out that people are pretty much dead when astrology requires them to be, so I moved on to sports. I hoped it would be a simple matter but am about to start pulling my hair out because the few birth times available seem to be incorrect - either that or I suck. I keep nagging with questions relating to transits. I can't bring myself to do psychological astrology until I have my confirmations - a drawback and funny obsession. If you have any experience with transits and competitive sports, please share:)

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