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Rahu and Ketu Lords Conjunct in the 12th house of Virgo

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hi - I have my Rahu and Ketu Lords Venus/Mars conjunct in Virgo in the 12th house. Can anyone point me to the videos that talk to Rahu and Ketu lords conjunction? I am unable to locate this specific topic. 
Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

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Hi Arjstere,


Mr. Wilhelm covers about those both in the Mastering Rahu Ketu and Healing Rahu Ketu courses.


I don’t exactly recall in which video there is your answer but it could be worth a try if you’d  take a look into the videos covered under these courses.


Courses 6-12 Lords of Rahu Ketu



Classes 15-16



Perhaps, someone would point to a more direct solution.


Thank you



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@zumrutd Thank you. I have listened to these courses couple of times, but have not observed a specific section covering the lord's being together .. I might have to check out the list again more carefully to see if the details are hidden somewhere 🙂

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Have you taken any of the Lajitadi Avasthas classes yet? If so, I'd start by looking at the avasthas each planet is in. 

Venus will be debilitated, but delighted by being in a friend's sign. Mars will be in an enemy sign. But you'd have to look at all of the aspects to see all avasthas and take it from there.

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@francesca-2 thank you. I will check them out. From what I understand, achieving balance might be the biggest theme especially since I have a stellium in scorpio 2nd house w/ ketu and no planets w/ rahu in 8th in taurus. Have to leave the castle 🙂

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Go through the Balancing Rahu and Ketu section of the Healing Rahu and Ketu course 

There Ernst mentions that if lords are conjunct, one has some experience in balancing nodes and that helps in this lifetime. Though the node in Mars rasi will face difficulties as Mars is starved.

As you hinted, many planets with Ketu would mean more focus in this lifetime on completing the Ketu things (2nd house and scorpio and all the planets in Ketu half) than working out Rahu side.

As Ketu in chart is ruled by the starved Mars, work on Mars first to heal the nodes