Rahu in 10th house
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Rahu in 10th house

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Yes, rahu in cap is also trying to manage its material life but from a place of making it work in a place not neccessaily of its own choosing. 

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I have Ra in 10th house, Taurus(lord Venus exalted in Pisces, 8th house). Moon is also there in 10th house with Ra, exalted. 
Basically, I live off other people's money (inheritance, husband), but my biggest desire is to be financially independent. I had my own business, it wasn't as successful as I wanted it to be. I constantly feel a sense of inferiority due to the fact that I cannot create financial security.

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Posted by: @egle

I constantly feel a sense of inferiority due to the fact that I cannot create financial security.

I feel this way too but I have Rahu in the 8th and Ketu in the 2nd. Both nodes are surrounded by personal planets. Often it's the people who I'm closest to who make me feel this way about myself as well.  

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I'm a woman with Rahu in the 10th. I'm married to a foreigner and live in a country with a job market that is very restrictive and difficult for foreigners to break into, so I end up making more money than my husband.

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I enjoyed reading through these posts as I have Rahu in the 4th/Ketu in 10th and I am currently 43 so a lot of these issues are at the forefront of my mind right now.

Reading about how Rahu works in the 10th for other people helps me understand my opposite placement even more. 

I have had a lot of visible careers until now. They have not been greatly financially successful but they have been very visibly successful and given me many opportunities socially. 

I have been working as an Astrologer the last 1.5 years and I have felt that requires a lot of "putting myself out there" and being visible to attract clients. It does work because so many clients find me through social media or online. 

BUT as soon as I turned 43... now I feel Rahu really peaking and I just can't put effort into being visible anymore. Just the thought of it exhausts me and I give up. The money that does come in now is more for 4th house activities and from things I do that are in the home. I literally just got a huge payout for taking care of my special needs kids at home that will be continuing. 

I can feel the 10th house collapsing. So I am starting a second business that is very invisible and behind the scenes. I will be focusing on that during these Rahu years. I can feel that the invisible 4th house activities are the only thing that will support me at this time. 

So if you have Rahu in the 10th - you can look forward to doing the opposite!

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@rhiannon So looking forward to it! Conversely, I find it so interesting and helpful to hear from people who have the Nodes in opposite houses from mine. My partner does and it's definitely like tandem learning.

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Rahu 10 th house is difficult for men.

However, in general, I notice rahu 10th house people, if they move overseas for work, they do better. 

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