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Reading an eclipse

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So when we study the effect of an eclipse with the cards /or any transition really/, what should we pay attention to?

Maybe you have spoken about this in some course already Ernst, I might have missed it or forgotten it...

My suggestion:

1. The card that is active in the year spread

2. The card that correspond to the zodiac sign of the event

3. The card in which we find the Lord of 1 / perhaps to a lesser degree /

4. The card in which we find the Lord of 2 / lesser degree /

5. Anything corresponding to planetary indications in the native chart. Those planets placement, and to a lesser degree their cards.

What do we do with the transitory positions? Like Venus falling in the Mars card in the upcoming eclipse, or maybe the active card in the yearspread being stacked with planets?

And of course, as always, any correspondence between these cards and the cards in the natal and progressed spread.

And the cusps, jaimini indications, avasthas etc of course, as always.

Have I got it right?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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the main focus is the card in which the eclipse is happening, or the house, and sign, and the planets involved with the eclipse and their card. Then the lagna lord and the order you gave is fine. 

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@ernst So a little of everything. 🙂