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Ketu Transiting Ascendant Cusp

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Posted by: @manisha

I can’t be sure, but a while ago, was it you who said that you were getting stung by scorpions every morning when you went to put on your shoes?

Yes I believe that was me.

This actually happened quite a few years ago when Rahu was transiting either on my moon or asc. I can't remember which. That was back when I only believed in a sidereal zodiac so, both my moon and asc. were thought to be in Scorpio. In tropical, asc. is in Sag. but moon is still Scorpio.

I lived in a rural basement apartment that had a minor scorpion infestation. They would be in my shoe sometimes and a couple of times one stung me as soon as my bare foot hit the floor when getting out of bed in the morning, as if it had been waiting for me in that very spot!

Of course I thought it literally had to do with the sign of the scorpion, and maybe some jealous, vengeful, secret enemy. I also read that scorpion stings are connected with Rahu and of course that was during a Rahu transit.

I also clearly remember the themes of my previous asc. cusp Ketu transit (with Rahu transiting 7th). It involved some brief collaborations with a very mercurial, Gemini style of person in school who left an impression on me (and who popped up in my life a few years later in a different setting). What we were working on then unknowingly involved the themes of the nakshatra my natal Rahu, darakara, and asc. lord are in (they are all within a few degrees of each other).

The stage is now set for something similar to happen with someone else who seems similar (don't know much about his chart though).

Just writing this post has provoked a flood of insights, memories and warnings that I am now trying to comprehend.


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