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Saturn in good places from the moon

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Let's say a person didn't develop anything as saturn transited through their 3rd house, due to depression from sade sati or any other reason, what now? Like u mentioned with the alone in the oceon without a life boat analogy i get that but does that mean they didn't have the karma to build something to cling on to for the rest of the time? Like isn't saturn supposed to do it's job in the good parts same as it does on the bad parts aswell? Or is the person unaware of the dood thing it build the way it's supposed to and just have to focus back to to try to find it?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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usually the person is not aware of the good thing because only time will reveal how important something is, or  they are so focused on wanting something specific that they don't consider anyting else good. Every time Saturn is in a good house from the moon for me it always TOTALLY suprises me what that good long term thing is that saturn brings.