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Confirming a few Yoga's in Specific chart

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Hi Ernst and All! This upcoming Varshaphal Chart has me a bit perplexed- see attached for Chart/houses etc.

Lagna Aries/ Muntha Aries/ Varsha Pati Jupiter (In Lagna)

JuR @08:28, Neutral but in orb of Me @09:29. Would you consider this a Poorna Itthasala or Isharapha Yoga, maybe cancelled Yoga?

Moon@21:13 is in Poorna Itthasala with SaR @22:14. Moon is Itthasala with Mars@23:53. SaR is between Moon/Mars SQUARE Mars and in Isharapha Yoga w/ Mars. Does SaR between Mo/Ma form another yoga such as Manahoo or Kambool?

Would Ra with Mars create Durpha and cancel any of the Yoga's with Mars?

Thanks for looking!



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Ernst Wilhelm
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Technically the jupiter is an isharapha yoga because they are more than a degree apart. 


So the moon mars saturn would be a kamboola yoga of mars and saturn, so we can expect them to do something in a difficult situation due to the square. Moon is always going to leave his own things behind to create a kamboola yoga, so his yoga with mars is less important than the saturn mars kamboola yoga. 

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@ernst Thanks that is helpful. It will be interesting to see how this "Mars" year plays out.