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Rodica Stefan Huigen
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I am in the beginning of my study and I would really appreciate if one of you would take the time to assist me  in this matter. 

I have a situation I am not sure I understand properly.

For the Virgo Lagna I have the following situation:

In the 9th I have Mercury with the Sun. I have a Raja Yoga (Mercury boosted by the Sun) and a Moksha yoga in the same time.

In the 3rd I have Jupiter with the Moon, two evil forming a Vipareet Yoga and a Kama Yoga in the same time.

In the 11th I have Mars which has an interchange with the Moon from the 3rd. In this case, the Vipareet yoga becames very strong.

Normally, if I understood wel, Jupiter and the Moon wil hurt Mercury. I don't have Kala yet to see how much but I think the Dharma and Moksha yoga are destroyed.

My question is: Will Jupiter destroy Mercury taking in consideration he is engaged in this Vipereet Yoga with Mars in 11th? Will the desires interfere with dharma? 

I attached a picture with the chart; I think it's much easier.

Thank you very much in advance. I really hope I get an answer 🙂




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Ernst Wilhelm
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No, the sun mercury yoga wlil not be destroyed by the jupiter and moon. These yogas may be blocked by conjunctions, not aspects. 


The interchange of the 11th and 3rd is also the Khala, cruel yoga that gives ups and downs. 

Rodica Stefan Huigen
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Ernst, thank you very much for your answer!


I am a little bit confused in this case. I thought that this yoga was 'stained' !

In the course you said the following:

'The yoga is stained when the Yoga producing grahas involved are joined or fully aspected by the unubstructed lords of the 3rd, 6th, 11th.'

The moon is the lord of 11th, it's equal in strength wil mercury.

So, maybe I put the wrong question last time.

The question is: Is this Raja Yoga stained


Thank you in advance!

By the way, I am busy with learning astrology on your site two months already. I feel like a child on the playground.  I am happy I don't have to unlearn things, that you are my first teacher. The trasit of Jupiter in my 8th brought you to me I think :). 

I can't believe how good you structured this course. It seems like you never forget details in a lesson. Unbelievable. Really. I am very happy I can learn astrology like this. You make it affordable and easy to understand. I like to understand not to learn. 

By this I want to thank you a lot!

I wish you the best,