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Venus in 1st, Moon in 7th - Spouse Destroying Yoga

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Hi Ernst.. in the marriage yogas course you mentioned that Venus in the 1st and Moon in the 7th is a Yoga that is not good for marriages. Furthermore, in this interview  (The Astrology Podcast With Chris Brennan) you mention that will destroy the spouse. I might very soon become this spouse.

Could you expand on this Yoga and if there is anyway it gets cancelled? What does 'destroy' mean? I couldn't find more information on it anywhere. In the Lajjitaadi Avasthas Master’s Course we learn that the Mo Starving Ve is healable but I gather that there is something special when it is the 1-7 axis

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I hope you are not the one destroyed! Its no different than the moon venus avastha, just need to heal that. It simply signaled out for relationships because its affecting the 7th house.