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Formula For Yoga Judgement  

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I'm having trouble understanding the Yogakarakas rules I think. In an Aquarius Lagna, if there is a yoga with 4 planets: Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury in the 10th, is Venus considered strong enough to resist the Sun and Mars? I understand the rules for Mercury but with Mars and Sun being said to be killers, I think I'm confusing myself


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Hi Julia,

You describe quite an active 10th house. This means the 4th,7th and 10th lords are conjunct with the 5th and 9th lords. This gives the yogas, Venus Sun, Venus Mercury, Mercury Sun, among others. Later on in the course you will learn the fine points. You need to study the Formula for Yoga Judgement and Kendra Kona Yoga Karakas. In the meantime, you can go to the Yoga Judgment screen and look at the green (positive) and red (negative) numbers for the Grahas involved in the yogas. Do yourself a favor and don't jump to any final conclusions until you cover all the material. As a gross over simplification to address your question, you are basically trying to determine how much Mar's Kashta effects the Ishta of the yogas and what that may mean. Mars also makes yogas in that configuration but that is a different type also covered in the course. As a positive note, 4 grahas in the 10th is usually viewed as a dynamic positive overall. The exact details will be revealed in your further studies. Have fun with it. 


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For Aquarius Venus can resist mars and sun because he is the 9th lord and so the strongest trine lord while mars is the weakest evil lord and sun is second strongest angle lord.