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Eastern tiger swallowtail - Omen - an answer?

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This morning I was thinking hard about a potential change in career. It would be something related to 12th house and end of life. When I walked out into my yard I noticed this butterfly hanging from my moringa tree. Yes I encounter many insects, but rarely this one in the way it was displayed. I observed it for a good amount of time before it flittered away. I almost NEVER have an occurrence so quickly after considering something of major impact. 


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I love butterflies because the completely transform from caterpillars to a very different animal after their cocoon time. ❤️ 

Do you relate to that journey? Does any particular phase of that journey represent this new career possibility?

Would this career change liberate you from some pattern? I feel that's one dimension of the 12th house.

What were you feeling/thinking about as it flew away?



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Very late answer, I guess you´ve advanced from this situation already. It´s sad to see how little activity there is on this forum, such a beautiful omen should have been cherished. The moringa is a very nourishing tree, nothing give you strength like moringa! I would take that into account when looking at this omen. The butterfly, it´s complete apparition, seems like a celebration of life, and it´s colours are fair and bright. To me the omen seems to be more than a confirmation, it seems like a celebration. Life never thrives more than in the approximity of death. That it flew away, as Cathy says. Well, butterflies do move around. I would say it´s an invitation to follow it.