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A ladybug landed on my shoulder/collarbone area

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So they other day I was walking through downtown, near a major park. A ladybug flew onto my left collarbone area, when I was crossing a major street. I sensed a presence (like of a person) and then saw it as I arrived on the sidewalk.

I got him/her onto my finger and planned to cross the street to release her/him into the park but just as the light changed, it flew away.

I NEVER see ladybugs. I think the last time I handled a ladybug I was in the 5th grade.

What do we make of ladybugs?

They are red and black which for me suggests Devi. I was wearing a black shirt. I think it was ironic it flew away right as I could start walking across the street to release it.

I'm interested in your perspectives! Let me know what your take is.

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The ladybug is generally seen as a omen of luck, at least in my culture, norhtern Europe. Sweetness and sturdyness, it knows how to protect itself. Innocence and playfulness - althoug it´s a cruel bug eater, so one should not be fooled believing it doesn´t have a cruel side. Timing - just as the luck comes and goes as it wants to, so does the Ladybug, just as in your omen. As Ernst says: it´s good to pay attention to the details when a message reaches us. What street were you crossing? What side of your body did it sit on, etc?

A person close to me has it, or at least had as a child, as her power animal, so I have a ladybug on my altar. Always. In company with the hedgehog, for her they were related when she was a small; I guess that´s apersonal and not general connection.


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Lada swears that ladybugs represent marriage and that right after a ladybug omen she was proposed to. So let us know if that happens! 

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@ernst That plus crossing a street! Interesting. I´d love to know the name of that street. 🙂 If it was sesame street it would all open up!