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I had quite a prolonged 90+ minute interaction with a Horned Owl this morning.  I live in the high desert where it's normally VERY sunny and bright.  I regularly have owls sit on the top of 3 large pine trees in my backyard and hunt but it has always been at night.  This morning, I was putting a hummingbird feeder out and turned the corner to come back to the house and was shocked to see a Great Horned Owl about 10 feet from me sitting on some rocks down a small hill at the base of one of the Pine trees.  This was about 7am.  It is hazy this morning from wildfire smoke.  I had heard 2 screams at about 3-4am this morning from, I think, a rabbit, so I thought maybe he had the rabbit in his claws or he was full.  He was alert and looked healthy and didn't budge as I scooted past him trying not to disturb him.  I went inside to get my cell phone and came back out and got a few horrible pics before going back inside downstairs which is only about 20 feet from where he was chilling.  About 10 minutes later, the sprinklers came on and scared him and he flew off.  I went out and checked around where he was sitting and didn't see any fur, blood, or feathers (I was hoping he might have left me one ????)  but there was nothing.  

When the sprinklers turned off, I saw him fly over the house and thought he had left but he came back on the other side and landed on the grass right by the downstairs screen/glass doors where I stay in the summer.  I have a few pans of water out for the animals there.  I thought he was carrying prey/the rabbit but it turned out that he wasn't...it was just his fluffy legs and he was in a very shallow clear water pan that I keep there.  He sat there and watched my 2 cats and I in the window as we watched him.  He stayed for a good 45 minutes.  He seemed very alert, clear eyes, and healthy.  All the little birds in the yard, even the humminbirds, surrounded him and yelled and the hummingbirds buzzed him.  He drank water a few times....it has been hot  but yesterday it was only 90F and this morning it's about 75 or so and hazy so not overly hot the last few days. 

I'm pretty bummed I only have a cheap moto cell phone which doesn't take great pictures or video.  When he was chilling, I was able to reach for my binoculars and watch him and confirm there was no prey.  He looked STRAIGHT into the binoculars for extended periods of time and it felt as if he was looking into my soul.  WOW!  

He only left after he heard something in the bushes behind him and he went tromping over to inspect it.  Literally, tromping and hopping with his big fluffy legs!  (ha, reminded me of my legs filled with edema)

Interestingly the day before, I found a hawk feather on the side of the house out in the open.  

I read the section on owls in my Animal Speak book and I get the sense that I'm being told to listen to my inner wisdom but I feel like there's something I'm missing and wanted to know if anyone has any insights.  I do have a past with owls.  I think one took one of my cats about 16+ years ago at a different house in a different state.  I found her fur and claws in an owl pellet...although it could have been a big cat's furball, too.  My current cats only go outside in an enclosed catio but I'll be keeping them more secure for quite some time!  I'm still getting the sense, though, that that isn't what this was about.  

Thank you to anyone that provides insight!  



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Hi there @clairec ,

Thanks for sharing the experience and the picture. 

I would take it as a sign of WISDOM. The owl is the omen for being in a high vibration energy of the gate 48 in Human Design and Gene Keys. Attaching a list if interested in exploring further. I like to look at it when I see omens insects, animals and birds and they have been working wonderful to let me know if I deal with low vibration energy and need to embrace my fears, or if I raised above that in that particular situation related to the omen.

Gene Key 48 has to do with UNCERTAINTY in life or current situation. There is Fear of Inadequacy - Awareness of a potential solution, or not. Fear that you don't have enough depth or are seeking depth to resolve the fear. 

Maybe the OWL is trying to tell you you have raised above your fears and found your own definition of being resourceful.

This is a quote I found in regards to Wisdom:

“Wisdom lies between the words, behind the concepts. It’s older than the mind. It may be reached through the mind, like sunlight through a prism, but it doesn’t attach itself anywhere. It emerges spontaneously, right from the heart of creation. Wisdom is alive.” 

Hope you find it useful...

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@mirela Thank you so much, Mirela!  I'm going to study this and meditate on what you so kindly shared.  I deeply appreciate your reply!   I love the Totem Codex table....later this morning, I had another interesting encounter with a lizard who decided to sit near me and just look up at my face, with his little head cocked, for a good 10 minutes.  2 weeks ago there was a bear right outside where I sleep and he left his ear tag behind. 

I've only recently started to explore Human Design and Gene Keys and I look forward to delving into the Totem Codex information.  Thank you, Thank you!