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Hello all,

These are some unprecedented times that we are all facing. So, one may need help in way and every way possible to be firm and strong. Given such a scenario, I thought of giving a hand in times of need for anyone in desperate need of help. Maybe you lost a job or have some health issues or some crisis or some financial crisis. In this case, if you think astrology can benefit you, I am more than happy to do a free prashna reading for you on one specific topic. There is no better time to benefit from astrology or astrologers than this. I wanted to do this since few months ago, but had to clear my pending workload before I could offer this to the public.

I normally don't like to do quick astrology readings, as the core of astrology is psychology. for that I will have to spend at least 1 hr to 2 hr explaining you what needs to be and how to do it. But, in this scenario any help is better than no help, so I will do a quick reading for you given the exceptional circumstances.. If you are okay with that you can send me the question that is most pressing you at the moment due to the covid crisis on my website directly: https://vidyavaridhi.org/index.php/contact-me/

Please in the interest of time restrict to only one direct question. Also, please be kind to other people in the situation, if you don't think your issue is that much pressing you, please allow for other people to get that help instead. It will be much appreciated.

I will do this on first come first serve basis. Due to the nature of the free reading and interest of my professional time, I will have to restrict to 9 free readings.

But, note that will give priority to health and job crisis centered questions first. The only reason being, the rest of the issues can be handled with time 🙂 Thanks for your understanding,





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Thank you for this generous offer, especially during these times. 



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Hi Ganesh, I'm curious about my lack of a relationship with my siblings- our lack of communication is the most painful part of my chart at this stage of my life.  What needs to happen to improve it?  I'm assuming I have to work on my Saturn, but if you have any other advice, I'm happy to hear it.

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