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Help with a bad chart!

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I have just completed the first 17 lessons of the Jyotish Building Blocks course. It is not nearly enough to do any meaningful interpretation but enough to scare the bejesus out of me!

So far, the concepts that I have understood are bhavas, dignities and saumya/Kruura grahas the most that could be applicable to any chart. And that is freaking me out. If you look at the chart attached:

ALL the grahas are: Either Neutral, Enemy, or Great Enemy

ALL the grahas are : in bhavas 2 (Marakas), 7 (Marakas), 8 (Dussthana).

 How could this chart get any worse?

Is there any saving grace for this chart? Here are the SPECIFIC questions if some of you good and knowledgeable people would like to help me understand:


1.) Which are the benefit and malefic planets for this chart?

2.) Are there/which of any dashas/antardashas could this person look forward to? More Specifically, is the Venus dasha good for this chart? What antardasha with Venus would be good or bad?

3.) What are Gemstone would be good for this person?

4.) What other remedial measures are available for this chart?


Many thanks to all those who are taking their time to read and help.

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Hi Nizzar,

Everyone has something ‘wrong’ with their chart. It is what we have to work through. As you learn more through the course and see more charts, you won’t freak out as much and see that it is all part of life’s journey.

Here is a recent conversation that’s been happening on the forum. See if you can find some comfort there.


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One remedy may be to a awaken and open their sayana chakra and so they can start channeling an exalted Saturn and exalted Venus 😉

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Thank you guys,

Both are excellent suggestions.

But I am still confounded by what is good and bad in this chart. For example:

1.) Gem stone for the lagna lord is always supposed to be beneficial. Which is Sun in this chart in the seventh house. But Sun is Great enemy. So should this person wear gem stone related to Sun or colours related to Sun?

2.) Next beneficial gem stone would be lord of the fifth - Jupiter. Which is also Great Enemy. Also in the Marakas. How would wearing gem stone/colors of Jupiter affect this person?

3.) Ninth lord is supposed to be bring beneficial results - which is Mars in this chart,  which is Neutral and combust with Moon in the Dussthana house.


What are the suggestions for gem stones and colors?


Many thanks.


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@nizzar are you using sidereal calculations?

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I am a bit confused by your cart. Moon and mars should have been in friends as Jupiter is friends to them. And venus and saturn should also have been in friends sign. And venus and saturn are in parivartan yoga.