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Cazimi - to consider or not?

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Hey Everyone 🙂

I recently learnt about Cazimi and have heard the term thrown around quite a lot in western astrology. I'm wondering if we consider it when making predictions/interpreting the chart as it doesn't really align with the principles around combustion - especially if the cazimi planet isn't retrograde. 

From what I understand, if a planet is Cazimi, it is in the heart of the sun and super boosted by the sun and performs really well (regardless of retrograde), and isn't affected by the combustion- basically in peak condition. Is this actually the case? Can someone please enlighten me?


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 I am also following this topic. I have a friend with Cazimi Venus, however his Moon/Venus dasha antardasha just passed and i cannot say that it was extraordinary, even he had a lot of losses. 

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You'll find a lot of answers in the Shadbala course and the methods of calculation of the different strengths in particular cheshta bala and the vids on combustion.  Per vedic view as I've learned it Cazimi with a combust planet will not give anything special and basic rules for combustion apply.  For retrograde planet this will produce different yoga effects such as Buddha Aditya Yoga with Mercury but they can also produce negative Lajjitaadi Avasthas such as agitation, starvation, etc. so it must be considered in all respects.  For plants to have effects their rays must reach Earth, if they are behind the Sun, the rays are too mingled with the overpowering presence of the Sun and get sacrificed for the Sun's agenda.  This happens according to the degree of combustion of the planet and you will be able to ascertain the degree through Shadbala.