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Saturn = Past life Experience or Weakness?

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Hello all!

I find Ernsts explanation of Saturn as being something you need to leave alone and not try to force anything with as very helpful and sensible.


But does this mean that where Saturn is in your chart is an area you’ve already worked on in past lives and therefore have experience in (kind of like Ketu) and therefore need to leave alone in this life?… Or does it mean it’s an area of life you have a weakness in that you can’t really do anything about… so you need to just leave it alone and let it sort itself out in time?

I have my Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th House… but creativity is something that comes pretty easily to me and I feel like I’m a very creative performance oriented type of person. (Although there are challenges in this area obviously, lots of work involved).


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Hi Astralte,

My understanding is that there is a past-life component to our Saturn placement. It indicates the karmic burden you are carrying during this lifetime and one "wound" or weakness you have not choice but to deal with and bear. The higher the dignity, the more delight and the lesser starvation and agitation, the better a person's Saturn habits will be, which helps them bear those burdens effectively and gracefully. 

Chances are that's the case in your chart with Saturn potentially being in Mulatrikona? Also, if Saturn is in Aquarius in your 5th, you might be a Libra rising, which can make Saturn a functional benefic and maybe a Yoga Karaka if I remember correctly (someone please correct me on the latter, if I'm wrong). Also Saturn gets better with age, so if you're past your Saturn maturation that would also account for it not feeling as burdensome.