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In honor of father's day (yesterday) I am showing my dad's spread. He is a very "sound" 95 year old and a great dad. He still golfs, stretches every morning, drives and takes responsibility for creating his good mental attitude and great health.

He was married to my mom for just shy of 74 years when she passed a couple of months ago; he was with her for a total of 77 years. Growing up in the depression, and with a alcoholic father, my dad had an amazing drive to never be poor and built a  very, very successful business through years of hard work. His adage was "family is everything" and he has been rock solid and highly respected by everyone he meets, or has met, be it in business or friendships. He started working at age 13 and at age 17 enlisted to fight in WW2. He had to wait a year to get accepted and then flew on the B29's. Deeply spiritual, very disciplined, quick to laugh and full of dignity. Additionally, he always had the "right way" (sometimes called the "Schuetz" way) to do things as he was a perfectionist with himself and taught me, and my 5 sisters, to aim to do the "best" at all we do. Another adage is "everything in moderation" and he walks that walk.

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Great Story LIsa, really glad to hear you had an amazing father figure. 

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I agree, it´s wonderful to hear a woman speaking so highly about her father, or any man. As it is when a man honours a woman.

Interestingly enough it´s not a flawless chart despite what you tell us, for example he has Saturn on his Mars card 7H, probably creating some issues with codependence. Maybe he gave more to the family than what he had to give on some occasions? On the other hand, with that ecliptica card, KH, a male 5 of Clubs tends to find the father role being really natural.

Looking forward to analyze this spread and hear more about your father in a Zoom meeting!