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Diamonds and Piano Students

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Very interesting and I agree, 6D in Mars card may be an indication of wanting a Ferrari but being denied one by life itself. Probably more so than my suggestion: reaching a high level and leave, especially since diamonds are more about values and skills than about performing, doing things.

And of course 2D wants the nicest stuff with that Venus card! Not strange that life has to say no to it sometimes...

Also  you have a knack for to judge, you ARE HERE for to judge, "is it worth it or not?", with that EC.

Interesting what you say about the Moon card and I agree, there is a superficiality to the 8C. I have an 8 of Clubs son myself and his everyone´s friend. At the same time nobodies friend, perhaps. But let´s be fair: it´s not actually superficial, it´s a natural lack for detachment.

And THAT explains the attraction to the piano I suppose. A solo instrument, as indicated by the Sun card, plus "high quality" as indicated by the Venus card - piano music often represents that, it tends to be intricate, technically "high quality" music, and so is the instrument itself you could say, I guess.


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