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Flow of the chart and new example videos

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Hello Mr. Wilhelm,

I would like to ask some questions about the flow of the birth spread (or any time spread).
In the video (#30, Flowing through the birth chart), you mention some steps to follow.
We follow the number of the pertinent card position. Where I feel confused/stuck is, until where we are going to follow the thread of numbers?

1st question->
In the video with the example of the King of Clubs, from the 8th card (Rahu position) Queen of Hearts you go to the Queen position which has 3of Hearts and that goes to the 3rd card which has 4 of Diamonds on it. And you stop there about that thread.
What I’m asking, do we stop at the first card arrived at the 2nd row (where the mundane cards are from 1st to 7th cards are)?
Why don’t we continue after the 4 of Diamonds on the 3rd card, which could go to the 4th card which has 2 of Spades on it, amd that goes to the 2nd card which has 4 of Hearts on it?

Another example that I have in my confused mind is a 4 of Diamonds Birth Card (BC).
I am doing like this, is it correct?
Following the thread until there is a loop end?
Say I start with the BC 4♦️->goes to->the 4th card 6♠️->goes to->the 6th card 10♣️->goes to->the 10th ecliptic card A♣️->goes to->2♠️->goes to->the 2nd card->8♥️->goes to->8th card K♠️->goes to->the King card 5♣️->goes to->the 5th card Q♥️->goes to->the Queen card 10♠️->goes to the 10th card A♣️/ Then it starts repeating. So either stop at A♣️ or go to the 2nd row and find the focus card on that row, which will be the 1st card 2♠️.

Which one is correct?
4♦️ BC has a focus on 2♠️
4♦️BC has a focus on 6♠️ and that’s the end of that flow for the Birth card?
(Of course, then examine from the 8,9,10,K,Q,J cards too and where they go shows the other focus cards for the spread.) Then the same numbers with the BC if any and any face card energizing that number)

Another q is-> would you consider making some more examples in an additional video? How does it sound?

Final q is-> You mention in the #33 video that next you will make a Biden video and see how is his 7 year progression and year spread are looking. Do you have it amongst your near future video plans?

I asked many things. Thank you for your time.


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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, that is correct flow. Its best to stop at the second row as that is the active row that gets timed by that card becoming active. and yes, of course, cards related to that card will have an influence, but that gets to overwhelming and just creates mistakes, and does not need to be done. Keep it simple. 

WIht 4 diamonds, just go to the 4th card and stop. 


Yes, i plan on finishing this course as soon as I have enough energy to do it. 

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Mr. Wilhelm,

Thank you very much. It’s so clear now. Yes, keeping it simple is wonderful to go with. 

Please, be comfortable with video making. It’s just that I missed seeing the most recent you while sharing your latest knowledge with us. So, you really must have passed on to your 2nd card already.

Thank you once again,