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Saturn as a separating factor vs time

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Many questions at once, I know, I´m sorry... I´m in an intense studies and aha-period right now.

So Saturn as a separating factor... Saturn matures at 36 and time heals any wound it says. So to what degree should we consider Saturn´s separation after let´s say 40 or 45? "Obstacle gone" or "obstacle easier to overcome". Depends on the effort you put into it perhaps...



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From my perspective, I would say it could be either/or depending on the specific obstacle or how we choose to label it.  Although, I would say more of a Queen-like vibe and taking responsibility, managing more maturely perhaps and we have less of the ego about things if personally developed.   However, we may confront different obstacles than we may have in our earlier years, in which perhaps those earlier year obstacles do become irrelevant and "gone"    We are always peeling the layers of the onion, after all. 😉  

Maybe I'll have a different answer when I get to 52...since I'm in my mid-40s now. 🙂