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I just saw a biographic television show with an actor who tells about his life. Themes: playful (he played Mozart in a stage version of "Amadeus" and had a huge breakthrough in that role), loves kids, has ruined a marriage and feel guilty for his bad behaviour; living several years abroad, being a very present father but at a physical distance. And I come to realize: "He must be a 5 of clubs like me!" I look up her birthday, and indeed...

It´s fascinating how possible, even easy, it is to guess a person´s card! It happens to me a lot.

Also there was a theme for each day in this program, the person in focus choses it. And he choses simplicity as a theme; he takes his friends to the forest to pick some mushrooms and have a brunch, they play a little tennis... Very simple, "since the best things in life are for free". Very 5 of clubish too!

(Amelie (she´s Swedish like me) - Stjärnorna på Slottet, Philips Zandén)



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