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Moving into the 2nd 52-year cycle

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Ernst Wilhelm
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No, running the ketu card does not mean you jump to the rahu card, you do that when the card holding rahu runs. YOu simple resolve ketu issues, but that does not mean running to Rahu, though, when Rahu is active, having done that will allow more progress towards Rahu.

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I´m 55, so I went through this a few years ago. In the most fascinating way: I had a teepee ceremony held for me on the very night I turned 52! That was awesome, to say the least. Awesome is not a word that I tend to overuse...

I´m a Five of clubs, so I went from an extremely busy 3 of Diamonds into a more introvert and healthier, I´d say, Ace of Spades. And the change was almost immediate! I have been a busy bee all my life but the last three years I have spent almost laid up. Even if I prayed and meditated before that - after all 3 of Diamonds is among other things about spiritual connection - I now spend much more time doing it. In a more relaxed way. Two years after my 52nd birthday a new power animal showed up taking the lead, and only a year after that it happened again. Ace of Spades - the card of renewal. As I say I have been a hard worker and I have been a freelancer, always in charge of my destiny. Two years ago I met a woman who has a healing practice. For the first time in life I don´t depend completely on my own work and money, and I´m moving towards a new role as a medicine man, working with plants. She´s a chemist and is teaching me the methods. Of course there is a strong connection between the intuition of Three of Diamonds, including connection with plants / at the age of 22 I overheard a conversation between trees for the first time in my life and I have been invited to encounter magic plants in natural ways without having to look for it /. Those cards work really well together. But as I said: I´m not so much of a manager anymore, I have a more relaxed role as my wife´s assistant. As you can see it worked as the Mooncard tends to do: It came to me naturally. I attracted it.

And yes: the change was notable from the very beginning. Maybe it´s even more so since the Moon is my AK.

Also the Ace of Spades is the card of revealing secrets, and that has also manifested in powerful ways. I see more occult and secret things now.

So hopefully you have a good mooncard to look forward to, at least for me it was a huge win.

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