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Exalted Mars - pillar of strength or the worst position in the chart??

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The chart with insomnia, Ketu and moon in Gemini, constant thinking can prevent someone from sleeping, I have moon in Gemini it can happen. Recently rahu was in gemini and during that time I noticed to get me to sleep was harder even with hypnosis sometimes it’s just impossible, especially when the moon would be transiting Gemini at the same time.

In the chart you have a yoga as you have a malefic in the 2th and 8th from rahu and ketu, it happens with mars and Saturn, they are opposite each other. This yoga makes being successful harder in life. Mars in the 8th by itself usually means something will break. Rahu is still close to Mars, and it’s the closest planet to rahu, the closest planet to rahu is the one we have the hardest time to master. So even if it's exalted a few things seems to prevent him from performing as expected. 

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@lorris I was also thinking that all his planets in 10th house - exalted Venus, Sun, Jupiter in own sign and also exalted Mars in 8th can be making him really accelerated, fiery, overacting, and maybe his karma is to do some great things, which he will be unable to do without the insomnia. Actually he is really resourceful in many spheres. So my logic is that  insomnia might be a byproduct of the many planets in the active part of the horoscope.

What do you think?

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