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Parashara on Aries House Lords

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Dear @ernst

In the first Rashi Sutras Course in the manual Page 38 you have Translated Parashara's Sutras on Aries Lords as follows (Parashara Yoga Karakas 19~22):

"As the 8th lord, Mars causes auspiciousness in association with an
auspicious. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are evil, auspicious are
Jupiter and the Sun, not auspicious is the simple Yoga of Saturn
and Jupiter. Jupiter’s dependence also insures evil action, Venus is a
particular killer with the qualities of a Maraka. Saturn and evil
Grahas are also killers. Thus the effects are known as caused by
Aries Lagna, Dvijottama"

What dose it mean when Parashara Says "Jupiter’s dependence also insures evil action" ?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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That means that Jupiter with saturn will give strong 12th house effects as saturn as 11th lord is equal in strength to jupiter as 9th lord and then saturn is karaka of 12th house effects, so those effects take over.