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Virgo Karma

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What about Swamsa? In natal chart, there are a plenty of indicators, in addition that varga chart output, usually Swamsa in Virgo can show some tendencies too.

I have researched Lal Kitab and there it is indicated that 6th house and Virgo are quite much under the influence of Ketu archetypal energy.

6th house is often critical area and some expressions are similar as Ketu - pushing individual some directions, sometimes gives sort of ultimatum, coercive situations and similar. It doesn't have to be bad at all, but it tends to be difficult to handle.

People who have Virgo Swamsa, tend to be have quite much Virgo agenda, they have sort of inner fire and sometimes even they are calm, have a lot of critical attitude.

Just one subjective observation.

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@ayan I have Virgo swamsha. My Mars AK is vargottama there. I would agree with your assessment about Ketu, in that I relate very strongly with the Ketu in Virgo axis.

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I have JuR in virgo in 2nd house with 2nd cusp. Ju is starved by Me and little by Ve but gets delight via aspects from Ma, Mo, and Su. 

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Ketu in Virgo here ????️ In 3rd house, but with 4th and 5th cusps. 

So pretty significant influence of Virgo in my life.

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