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Fasting for atheist?

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i fast on Tuesdays for a good mars but the troubles didn't go away so parents went to an astrologer and he said it's because I'm an atheist and i don't believe in god hence the extra problems in life and not any benefit from fasting and he said i do fasting for health and not for god because I'm not a believer (which all of is true) so i wanted to get your thoughts on that like belief isn't a button i can press and turn it on and the way i am is what god meant for me right? I was pretty confident untill he made me concious about it but i just do it to check my willpower without any desire for result but he said it's worthless without praying to hanuman?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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it does not matter if a person believes in god or not in the context of life working or not. Faith in god, beleif in god, makes life easier and happier if done correctly ,but life is as good as a person's intelligence, hard work, stability, freedom from subconscious sabotaging efforts, etc. allow for.