Total Solar Eclipse...
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Total Solar Eclipse fun?

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I think Google accounts just went down in much of the world...Happy SOLAR Eclipse everyone!

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius caused by the South Node, with Mercury, ruler of the North Node, part of the Eclipse. There was also a huge solar magnetic storm just a few days ago...maybe unrelated ?????

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Oh, you have no idea what I am going through with friends/parents of a bunch of 11-yr old kids, kids are acting out, being the perfect pre-teens and parents are at each other's throats since Friday. Am telling everyone "chill out, it's the solar eclipse" ????

And, yes, my son was not impressed with Google when he woke us this morning. Can't access his favorite youtubers, poor thing... Luckily (for me), it was back on at 8am when his online school starts where 80% of the work is done on Google drive...


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The eclipse was exactly conjunct my Uranus in Sagittarius. With transiting Rahu conjunct my Midheaven. Have been feeling gross all day. Sighhh