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Argala in the 3rd Place

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Hi everybody, nice to be here.

I''m thinking again about Argala's and I really can't wrap my head around a few particular points.

That with the 3rd is clear: argala is formed by malefics. If there are more benefics in the third argala is not formed.

Now let's apply the same rules then for the other argala. The 3rd house argala should be blocked by planets in the 11th that are more or stronger. Is it?

Thank you for your help!

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Argala being formed by malefics in the third house is a special rule that doesn't take into account a virodhina or "obstructing" house, as the third is the natural obstruction of the 11th. 

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Hi Martin, If there are more malefics (than benefics) in the 3rd, it forms Argala and it cannot be blocked. Like everylightifound mentioned, it is a special rule. Mona