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Aspect by debilitated benefic planet

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Hi Ernst and All,

When AK is aspected or conjunct a deblitated benefic (eg. Debil Ju in cancer) planet, what does it mean? It is just useless, or rather acts like a malefic, so is even harmful?

Thanks, regards


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Amit Bhat
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Debilitated planets cause khala means low deeptadi avastha in the house. So the circumstances revolving around the house are low or stressful. So a debilitated Jupiter can feel hopeless to solve the difficulties as Capricorn represents practical or material difficulties. 

Debilitated planets make bhava experience difficult due to low circumstances revolving around that, so other bhavas it aspecting won't be a desirable aspect either.

For checking impact on planets, we have to how it impacts the lajjitadi avasthas of the planet.

So if Debilitated Jupiter conjunct AK or any planet in D1, it will still delight it. In other vargas, it won't support any conjunction or by aspect either but make it stressful only.