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Belgian F1 race + D16 Jaimini Principles

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Hi Everyone,

Today, I noticed something interesting with Jaimini principles and correlation with Belgian F1 car race. The race was completed with 3 laps behind the safety car due to unsafe weather conditions. They did not abandon it, instead made sure they had 2 laps to award half the points. But behind a safety car means there is no overtaking allowed, so its no in effect it is no race and everyone was unhappy with the way the whole thing was handled. 

Thought I'd share it here and get thoughts of those who find it interesting; and if you find any other connections. I looked at the chart for race start time - 1500 on 8/29/2021 at Stavelot, Liege, Belgium. That is location of spa francorchamps circuit where the race was supposed to be. 

I did not find anything in the rasi chart, but with jaimini principles, the D-16 was completely destructive. 4th cusp ruler Ju in , rasi aspected by Sa, Su, Ra, Db Me; 7th cusp ruler Sa aspected by Su, Ra, Db Me, and Ju; Karaka Ve aspected by Sa, Su, Ra, Db Me; 4th from Ve has Su, Ra, Db Me aspected by Sa. Pada of 4th has Sa; Ve (avegage). Pada of 7th has Db Mo; Lagna pada has Db Mo; no aspects. 7th cusp apsected by Db Mo. 4th cusp has the same problem of Sa, Su, Ra, Db Me. It was just so interesting to see. Anyone who saw D-16 from Jaimini point of view would have said disaster. 

You guys see any other connection ? I didn't see much wrong with D-1. Only D-16 showed. So I guess just the Varga can show trouble, or do we need to see something in rasi too ?


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That´s cool! Thanks for sharing.