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I'm curious if anyone has the chart of a midwife or birth doula. And what planet(s) would be indicated.

Would Mars, Venus, waxing Moon and maybe Mercury ?  Thoughts welcome.

Thx LT

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I don't have any birth charts on hand, but lately I've had to deal with a lot of midwives and have been contemplating what makes one a good one. Where I live midwives not only help deliver the baby, but they also take care of the women's birth injuries/C-section scars, help her with nursing, and take care of the baby (umbilical cord, measuring weight, helping if the baby's colicky) in the am postpartum period. The best midwives I've met have been very Venusian (comforting) in the same way you'd want a nurse to make you feel safe. I think there would also have to be a 5th house connection for children, possibly Jupiter for children and and understanding of the birth process, maybe the Moon or Cancer for an understanding of breastfeeding. A midwife in my country would probably also have to have an understanding of how the sexual organs work and heal, so I think that would have to be a Scorpio connection?

As for doulas, their skill set seems to be more limited to making the woman feel safe during the process, so I don't think they'd need Moon, Scorpio, but mostly Venus. 

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@francesca Totally agree, there must be some good Venus, not only do they need to soothe, but also educate.

I dug up some birth dates (*NO time - Sadly) of a couple of "famous" women in the aforementioned fields.  Ina May Gaskin a Midwife, author founder of organizations etc., and Penny Simkin a Doula and Childbirth Educator, author as well as founder of organizations. 

Ina May: 8 March 1940, Marshalltown, Iowa US  *Time unknown (also note AK window between possible Me/VE is about 3 hours, so likely Me but ?) Interesting chart though and ALL planets in 3 houses.

Penny Simkin: 31 May 1938, Columbus, Pennsylvania US *Time unknown.  

Interestingly, they both have DB Saturn, and a small peak at potentials. 


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Some of my thoughts. In Ernst's Handout he said for a Pediatrician we would need Jupiter for children influenced by 6th house for treating disease & Moon and Mercury for healer influenced by the 6th house.

For a midwife i would think Venus (Venus is the nurse and also here it is about women), Jupiter for children influencing the 6th house. Usually for medical profession i think you need Moon and Mercury (healer) influencing the 6th house.

For an acupuncturist we would need Moon Mercury influencing the 6th house. But here we need Mars influencing the 6th house as Mars is for sharp objects. I would think if you are a surgeon you also need a good Mars influenced the 8th house (surgery) ..In one of the charts we studied client was a neurosurgeon, and his chart showed the 1st house (your head/brain) connection as well...