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Jaimini yogas and combust planet

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hi everyone,

if venus and moon conjunct, in GF and friend dignity respectively ,get 3x2point (each) in the yogata technique, as well as form argula to the lagna and both get +3 points (each)in the raj yogas from AK, l/l, 7th lord(benefics in 1,2,4,5,8,9/ malefic 3,6), but on the other hand both combust (sun, venus, moon in Aquarius 9th house, gemini lagna) and aspecting the 12th from the pada.

similarly mars aspect moon from aries(MT) and 3 places from it, also form argula to the 1st as well as  gets 4 points raj yoga in yogata technique. but aspect the 12th from upapada (doesnt affect the 11th or 12th of pada)

to what degree all the stacked raj yogas are going to affect the ability of those planets(venus moon- both combust /mars moon-moon combust) for success if any? is combust planet looses its total ability throughout life all together or just when it is part of sun dasa untardasa combination?