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Mars in 8th bhava - way of seeking security (not sure if I'm posting in the right blog topic)

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I've been studying my placement (chart ruler) mars in the 8th (in scorpio, extra spicy lol) by combining the meanings of 'Graha Sutras' and 'Vault of the Heavens' pdf. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their interpretation of that placement?

So far I have written,

"Mars in the 8th can experience a battle of struggles with emotional security and safety. Emotional safety can be threatened. Placement can hastily cut off connections or situations that pose a threat to security and safety OR on the flipside fervently fight to keep connections that may or may not harm their security and safety. Feeling safe and secure is a very important need (to everyone of course), but there is higher potential to experience severe trauma in relation to security and safety throughout life. The goal is to overcome this trauma and come out on the high side.

There’s potential to seek and keep security through others, specifically people you form close/intense attachments with. Therapy/counsellors/psychologists can be a healthy, positive and transformative connection for this placement."

Security will be found through seeking out releasing sins! 😮 maybe?? makes sense, I'm super into therapy and learning how to overcome everything that holds myself back

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