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Confusion about Upapada in Kala and Its Calculation in Jaimini

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Hi all, 

In Jaimini III, Ernst specifies that we take the same Upapada sign as D-1/Rasi for Saptamsa, with respect to determining the possibility of marriage and the qualities of the spouse. In the course, this is mentioned to be the cause because both charts are in the first set of 12 Vargas... Every chart I've practiced on up until now has had this consistency in Kala: Upapada shows up in same sign in D-1 and D-7. Until a chart I've been working on now. 

Is this just normal? Is the Upapada calculated normally for other techniques outside of Jaimini? Is this an error? 


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Dr. Rajan
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If I understand correctly, you are saying that till now in all except one chart, Kala showed same Upapada for D-1 and D-7. If yes, then that would be a co-incidence as for both Upapada will be calculated separately

What Ernst mentioned was that in this case, whatever sign is the UP in D-1, the same sign has to be assessed in D-7 under same rules.

I hope this clears some part of your doubt