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Muhurthas for digital era  

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Hi Ernst and all

I'm having a lot of fun w the muhurthas and I think that as astrologers we could adapt the words to attract more customers that could benefit from planning their online business activities. For instance,  I got invited to a "virtualcast" and I checked the muhurtha - doesn't look too promising w ketu in the 3rd,  but that made me think on which muhurthas would be more adecuated for the following:

Best time to launch a business    (= business opening)

Best time to start a podcast or youtube channel (writing, beginning- project)

Best time to post a video or bring your website live  (taking child outside the house?)

Best time to launch a marketing campaign (I would do it under investment or selling)

Best time to buy a web domain (purchase or conceive?)

Best time to place your products order (business )


Anyway, is Ketu good or bad in the 3rd bhava?    What other ideas you have, or which guidelines you use for online activities?