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A planet conjunct Rahu/Ketu without Sun/Saturn/Mars

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For a planet which is with Rahu/Ketu but not in conjunct with Sun/Saturn/Mars, it's not in the lajjita avastha. So, the avasthas of the planet would be as per the sign it's in and it's conjunction or aspect by the friend or enemy planets. The possible avasthas for the planet in this case would be garvita, mudita, swastha, trishita and kshudhita.

But these avasthas would be the same even if the planet was not with Rahu/Ketu. Does this mean the conjunction with Rahu/Ketu won't affect the lajjitadi avasthas of this planet? 

Would the role of these lajjitadi avasthas be to contribute to the Rahu/Ketu dynamics? like for Ketu, these would be part of security paradigm and for Rahu, these would be part of developing the Rahu sign?

What has deeper psychological impact lajjitadi avasthas or Rahu-Ketu axis?



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Correct (though a planet could still be Ashamed if with Sun/Mars/Saturn AND in the 5th house).

Rahu and Ketu alone would affect the planet it’s joined as per Ernst’s teachings, it just won’t bring the shame element to the mix if not also with Sun/Mars/Saturn (usually, that’s already more than enough:p)

And to have a deeper understanding of what is going on, you would also look at the Lajjitaadi Avasthas of the Lord of Rahu and Ketu and any planet it’s joined.