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Hello Ernst or anyone else who would like to respond, 

In the Ashamed video in the new Masters Avashtas class, you say that if a planet is ashamed, but also proud or self-abiding than the good dignity aspect will help a lot. I am wondering if this applies to the shaming planet too? Say if Saturn is self-abiding and is shaming a planet. Does Saturn being svasta make the shame worse? 

My daughter has Ketu, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn (plus Pluto... she was born a few minutes before the Pluto - Saturn conjunction in 2020). A good chart for me to practice avashtas on because there is a lot going on.

So Saturn and Sun are shaming her Mercury and Jupiter. Saturn is in own house though so I am wondering if that is helpful at all or does it just makes the shame more intense since Saturn is strong?


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Ernst Wilhelm
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If any planet is with the shamed planet and that planet is in good dignity it will ultimately help the person overcome the shame. ALso, with shame, if caused by rahu and ketu and if the planet is also garvita or something else really good, the planet will do a lot better after the rahu or ketu maturation.