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Lajjitaadi Avashas vs Shadbala values

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I have to thank Mona, Mathias, and Dr. Rahjan all for helping to elucidates a CLEAR understanding of how these all work together.  I've got most of the pieces and agree that Shad Bala totals have a lot of meaning but it's the understanding behind each of the numbers that reveals a ton of meaning about the person individually.  

I'm honestly not understanding how to fit all of this material together in a manner that won't take a literal day to explain!  I took the time with my ever-patient client/ friend to go through each Shad Bala value as I learned them and we spent about 30 hours (I would guesstimate) to cover each and every one of the values for her chart!  Do I just trust that intuition will guide me to the right areas to cover?      

Thank you in advance for any responses!  =)  



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@onegranted you have no choice Lol but also, what I’ve experimented with lately is to find the underlying theme. The Lajjitaadi Avasthas is one way to do that, then I would only focus on the ShadBala for those planets that have particularly good and bad Avasthas. Also, as a Rahu/Ketu fan, I tend to focus on the lord of those troublemakers and/or planets they join. The yogas of characters also help understand who the person is and steer you in the right direction. Finally, since I am mostly doing friends and now friends of friends, I realize people are curious about astrology but they don’t ask specific questions. And I’ve done a poor job insisting on at least a theme they want me to focus on. This helps a ton I think. Like I said, am experimenting and those are my early conclusions, this may change over time. 


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