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Age to have a child

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I listened to Ernst's YouTube videos about love and the processes of progress in life.

It was heard that the age of 36 was mentioned many times, which was perhaps one of important critical limits or suggestion.

I have several familiar families where a woman started having children from the age of 40 or even later, one relative, a woman, had her second child at the age of 44 and everything is fine, the child was born healthy and the child's mother is fine.

What is the story of this age of 36, is it Saturn's maturation or are there any other factors? It seems that women are able to have children and raise them with their husbands quite successfully even after the age of 36, and no pathologies are noticed so often.

I talked to my relative, who gave birth at the age of 44, a year ago, She didn't even occur to her that she might be too old, her main concern was that maybe the age difference between the first and second children was a bit big and how the children would cope.

One unifying feature of such women is that they have been very good health for their age and positive outlook on life, strong willpower.