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Anger management?

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If person have quite notable issues with anger, irritation and anger at every little thing, how to start to reduce anger and irritation?

Natal chart shows Sun and the Moon in 5th house, Rahu in 12th and some another factor in addition.

Person meditates for some years and tries to use mantras, but it does not seem to be of much use to him.

I do not want to make fun of the subject, but it seems that a person is irritable and angry at almost everything and permanently and for decades. Every little thing is irritating, some smell, random sound, some color, many random details.

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Amit Bhat
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Bach flowers can help. Also Australian bush essences. 

You can paste d1, d30, d40, their LAs and dignities in all vargas tables.

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Just my 2 cents:

Could be a temporal lobe abnormality or maybe a sensory processing disorder, which require professional testing to diagnose with certainty.

Usually more physical and sensory-based therapies help with this more than sitting meditation or mantra. And vigorous exercise too, especially if the temporal lobes are involved with attention problems and emotion regulation in this case. And aroma therapy is good. And of course the flower essences too.

Sometimes using mantras that aren't suitable or trying too many different mantras can make things worse as they agitate the nerves and confuse the energy body. They can make one hypersensitive and feel at odds with the environment. 

May want to google "sensory processing disorders" and "occupational therapies". I've known a social worker who have found this approach helpful for people who have those very symptoms you have described, Ayan.



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Anger is caused due to frustration of not getting what we want. It could be anything from something tangible like money to something intangible like respect.

Healthy anger or assertive anger is good and is often quite healing. An out-of-control anger is just that - it’s out of control. I would look at Mars and Venus, and most probably a fire and water sign is involved.

If it has reached to the stage of every little thing being irritating, then it means that the problem has escalated. In other words, the main problem has gotten hidden under layers and layers of unrelated connections. Rahu in 12th is also 8th from the Sun and the Moon.

A good start is Bach flowers. Acupuncture also will get straight into balancing the energies. But these are external remedies, and will give some respite for the person so they can look into what is really bothering them. If the main issue is not resolved, the problem will reappear.

Sun and Moon in the 5th is about two different types of energies trying to co-exist, so they can create something together. With Rahu in 12th, most probably the person is not allowing what needs to end, to end. Or not willing to allow those losses to occur, or not taking enough rest so they can be rested enough to see things less emotionally. What they need to let go of is holding on to Ketu in the 6th.

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There are also many websites on the internet that give good advice on how to manage anger and how people can manage anger of others.

Personally, I found that accepting anger as a valid emotion and making it a part of me, instead of controlling it, helped me manage it better.