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Nerve issues from a freak animal attack

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Kristina Lia Hansen
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Thirty-three years ago, my client was attacked by her neighbors pet, a full grown, female, African Black Leopard.  This happened just outside of Portland, Oregon.  The leopard grabbed her by the throat, her right side and was incredibly lucky to survive this attack.

She had nerve issues and has been on disability since then.  

I am wondering how to go about and see this in a chart.  What varga would you use to see this, D30? What techniques do you look for, for this kind of experience?

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I would classify this as nerve disease due to trauma, so focus on identifying the trauma astrologically (rather than the nerve imbalance). Yes, you can look at the D30 which often shows accidents, traumas, influence of enemies, etc. I would also look at D1 (which is where I spend most of my time). With something like this, I would look at planets like Mars, Ketu, and Saturn, especially any relationships between them. You can then zero in on the nerve disease by looking at Mars and Saturn, and Mercury can also be involved (especially since the trauma was to the throat), so check Gemini too for that reason. The 6th house is an obvious place to look as well. Also, how old was she 33yrs ago, what transits were happening that might have "triggered" this? Sometimes you may not find it in the rasi, but you'll see it in the transits. 

There is really no clear cut way to see these things in my opinion, though others may disagree. If you want to share the chart, we can look at it and see what's going on. Every chart has its own kind of logic to it. The astrological factors might be different in each case, simply because every person is so different, even though the conditions can be identical. So its hard to look at a chart to identify conditions, you have to identify the person whose karma compelled those conditions in astrological terms. Context is everything for me, when I'm reading.