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Thoughts around vaccines?

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Here are some notes that Ernst has said about Vaccines from R/K class: 


"When Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in Scorpio their whole systems reaction to survive is very low. These people are really prone to problems from vaccines. The vaccine is a shock to their system. It is a false shock. And that shock can damage this person more than any other position."

Most of the cases of vaccine damaged people have this that Ernst sees.


Also this from the L.A. class handout:


"When Mars starves Saturn, energy is easily deranged from shocks, frights, abusive substances, excess sexual activity, vaccines, drugs, coffee, sugar and any such things which radically alter the healthy flow of the body’s energy."


Both my children have Mars near Saturn, but in different signs, but still 10 degrees away. I was intuitively guided not to Vaccinate even before I studied astrology. They are both extremely sensitive and react to toxins and even energetic shifts in the environment in a highly sensitive way. We do nosodes and homeoprophylaxis. 

As far as these new vaccines that haven't had any long term studies done on them, I would love to see any astrological research into them if anyone hears of anything shared. I am especially interested in effects to female fertility.  

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They have been trying to develop corona strain vaccines since 1999. None passed the long term tests. Test animals did not get the corona that they were vaccinated, but over the next couple of years became sick and contained from other things and often died. THe currecnt vaccines have not had the long term testing required to see if they are safe. Its a huge gamble in my opinion to take one. I would guess its at least 1000 times worse odds than just ignoring corona and the vaccine and living your life. There have been vaccines that were developed with full testing that after 10-20 years they found had caused serous illness and deaths. This one was not tested for long term effects, its a total crapshoot. 

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