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Mundane Astrology about current Covid Scam and the Great Reset Plan

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I may have misspoke, more than just So Africa and India. Either way if you think this is going away or that The WHO is doing "God's work", please do your research. Once you give these organizations ANY power/authority they will use to maximize self interest. Even if they actually believe they are doing for the right reasons.

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Agree with you @Valen.

Vaccines, are gene therapy. Smart cities are in plan. Now train derailments, etc. Food supply chain collapse. Eclipses do play an important role to understand cycles as explained by Ernst as well as Neptune, Uranus, Pluto to understand deeper forces at play.

Currently, my electronics are down due to Mercury issues in my life 🙂 Let me do some research and get back to you once electronics are working. thanks. 

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