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Analyzing Financial Resources 2nd and 4th Vargas

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Hello Ernst,


When I look at someone's financial I look at the 2nd house (D-2 Hora) because that is the house of financial resources. I also look at the 4th house (D-4 Varga) as that is the house of extra, abundance and the 11th house, the house of gain. If the Hora is decent with some manifesting power but the 4th varga is so so that means the person makes money but does not have a lot of extra left because the 4th varga, the abundance is lacking. But what if the Hora is decent but the 4th is fantastic? Do i interpret that to be the person makes ok money but has an abundance of resources from other sources somehow?





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Ernst Wilhelm
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4th varga is our share in life, we get this if we play our opportunities well. A good D4 plays their opportunities well and does not take options that reduce their possibilities for success, wealth and Happiness.  2nd varga is the concrete resources we need to fulfill our responsibilities. So a person with a good D4 may play thier cards well and maximize thier life's opportunities, but that does not neccessarily mean wealth.