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Anis star seed for stomach pain, digestive problems

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I always had digestive problems, every time I ate a bit too much I would have stomach pain and gas all the time. Since I have been drinking Anis Star infused in cold water I almost don't have any stomach problem anymore. I'm quite surprised as I didn't expect it to be so powerful, I expected it to help a bit but not that much. Even if I eat too much I don't even go to the toilet until a day later. I even started to get a bit of fat for the first time in my life. Usually I would drink a bit of wine to help my problems but it was problematic for the alcohol content, raisins didn't do. It's been a month since I started drinking it and still no hard stomach pain, just a little from time to time when I abuse food but even then it goes away pretty fast. Usually gas for me was so common that I would fart maybe 30 times a day, now it's barely one time or 2. 


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Thanks for sharing this